Cost Plan Your Dream House

As the name implies, the dream house residential course that has been coveted, and sometimes even can not really enter into the dream. But, to make it happen we can not only dream, we must wake up and began making plans to build it.

Talk about building a dream home, one of the fundamental things that should be planned is the cost. In order for the money that we collect can be managed well in building a dream home, make plans costs Planning costs yuk .. This building is very important that in the future the cost of building did not swell. Planning costs can help Companions Three Wheelers to identify and estimate the cost of the rough building. Rough cost calculation means overall costs before the design of the building is made, ranging from land clearing until the finishing stage.

Well, some of the factors that greatly affect the size of the cost of planning a dream home is as follows:

Materials Building Materials

Building material is very diverse. Companion Three Wheelers can choose high-quality building materials, medium, and low according to the needs and my budget. If Sahabat Three Wheelers have time to spare, let’s stop by the store closest building to get an idea of the price of the material clearer. That way we estimate will not differ much later to be purchased.

Building area

Three Wheelers companions can take into account the building area of the land area to be built. You can determine the size of each room so spacious building can be predicted. If you already know the approximate size of building, cost planning will be more clear and detail.

wage Workers

What is the average wage of workers to build a house? Do Companion Three Wheelers’ve got an idea? It is also an important point when planning costs. Wages of workers each region vary artisan loh .. Wages also depend on their skills and too much whether or not the work site. So, before building a better search for references to the artisan in the area where you live. If there is a neighbor who currently or have recently finished building, do not hesitate to ask a range of wage workers, or if possible Companion Three Wheelers could use the services of the same workers.

In the payment of wages there are two ways that we can apply, namely wholesale payments and daily payments. Wholesale payment is done when the work was finished and neat. Usually the contract work faster finish than chores.

In addition to the cost of planning, plan homework time can we expect if the volume of work and the number of artisan can be known. So the cost “umpteen” and in time “so” Semen Tiga Roda can get a dream home.


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