Top Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is well known for its shopping and food, they are national past times of Singaporeans. Food is as diverse as the cultures and races you are able to find in Singapore. With thousands of restaurants, eateries, food courts and much more available in Singapore, you will be totally spoilt for choices when you are here.

You can literally find food of any kind here in Singapore, except for the very exotic types you can probably find only in China. From a few dollars to a few hundreds of dollars per person, you can get yourself very well-fed and if you are not careful, find yourself overeating!

Not contented just serving good food, there are a few restaurants in Singapore who have up their ante. We are not discussing about just visually appealing food, we are talking about serving food with a touch of showmanship, to make the food and atmosphere that comes with it even more appealing.

Keyaki, an up-market Japanese restaurant located on the fourth level of the Pan Pacific Singapore, a nice Singapore hotel located in the Marina Bay vicinity, provides you with just that. You can choose to have food prepared right in front of your eyes. Teppanyaki served there is a feast for your eyes as well as your nose and mouth. The experience chefs there will dish out a show of juggling utensils and flashing of flames while cooking your orders.

They served nothing but the freshest ingredients. The live lobsters which is one of the must-order dishes there, is seasoned only with salt, pepper and butter is absolutely delicious. Other popular dishes are the Japanese wagu, which is high quality beef flown direct from Japan. While you are there, you should consider ordering the mixed vegetables as well as the dish has a superb crunchy texture.

When you place an order, the waiter will push out a trolley of different cuts of beef for you to choose. After you have decided on which cut you want, he will then slice the beef in front of you. Some of the dishes you order are prepared right in front of you, ensuring you have a visually entertaining experience when you enjoy the great food dished out.


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