SEO Tools For Website Analysis

There are only a few business models left in this world, where online presence is not required. More people are hoping to have an advanced foot print on the World Wide Web. There are a few branches of business, which provide food exclusively on the online stage. Keeping in mind the end goal to succeed around here, it is vital for a man to reach maximum number of target customers through web marketing methods. In the space of web marketing SEO plays an important part. SEO software helps a man to get a particular thought regarding the buyer conduct and judge the accomplishment of his business.

Google Analytics

Google analytics takes up the top opening among the main 5 SEO tools used by entrepreneurs to screen the movement happening on their site. Google is one of the primary search engines and takes up 80% offer in the search engine market. Given the wide presence of Google, the Google analytics tools are used by most SEO specialists to decide the health and movement of a website and its potential clients.


Contend, as the name suggest is a comparison tools, used by entrepreneurs to pick up learning about the most famous keywords, data, promotional codes and campaigns used by other similar companies to optimize their website. In short compete helps a man to understand his stance in the market in respect to his competitors.

SEO Browser

SEO browser offers a man to get, direct thought regarding how a search engine views your website. There are two forms available with this SEO tool. The first is the fundamental form, without any photos, while the other one is an advanced version that has pictures and colors in it.


Raven is important SEO software that analyses the overall performance of a website, and gives it a rank depending on the usage of keywords, substance and use of labels. This product gives a general analysis and helps a man to understand his general positioning among a wide range of similar pages.

SEO Grader

SEO grader is SEO professional software that gives a general thought regarding the ranking of the website in different search engines and their subsequent status. The software helps a specialist to understand the general performance of the website, by analyzing the measure of movement inflow in the site. For more information click here Singapore SEO.


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